Outsourced Payrolling

presanne delivers outsourced payrolling services providing a state of the art online timesheet process to clients and contractors.

Our online system delivers significant benefits for both clients and contractors by streamlining the time recording and invoicing process, saving both time and money.

Contractors are able to enter their hours and days worked using their handheld devices.

Clients authorise electronic timesheets online using e-signature.

Payment is made to contractors for hours/days worked by BACS on a weekly basis directly to the contractor’s bank account.

This streamlined technology and paperless invoicing enables presanne to provide our clients an extremely cost effective and efficient outsourced payrolling solution. The technology provides in-depth management information enabling real-time tracking of hours worked and payments made, allocated as required to project code or work location.

Please contact our team to arrange a demonstration of our outsourced payrolling technology